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A Bridal Gown Worthy of Your Love Story



As in marriage the two become one so it has been in this journey of building Elegant Bridals. Both Fathy and Jane brought their gifts and talents together to build this business over twenty years ago.


Jane is the visionary who dreams of what Elegant Bridals can be for brides and bridal parties. She has an eye for style and recognizes exceptional quality in the bridal gowns that are selected for the Collection. She enjoys interior design and loved every moment of the planning of the new location from the dirt to the dazzling finishes.


Fathy is the reason Elegant Bridal exists at all. He has the gift of Administration and the heart of an entrepreneur. He has an excellent mind for business and wanted to build a business that would serve the community and a business that would honor God in every aspect.


They believe their greatest gift has been their 40 year marriage and wish the same, and the perfect bridal gown, for each of the brides they serve.







Store Manager

Traci will instantaneously make you feel at home. She will scoop you up and lead you on your bridal gown journey and have you laughing before you know it. There is no missing Traci’s laugh which carries over the entire CSRA and is infectious in it’s joy. Traci will have you feeling confident in yourself and your gown! And seriously, she’s the best manager our girls could ask for!!





Alice is our resident Fairy Gown Mother. If you can dream it – Alice can make it happen! She loves to create and help each bride find her dream bridal gown, but what’s more, she loves to get lost in the details of each of her bride’s love stories. Alice’s joy and excitement are contagious, and you’ll always leave with a smile on your face!






Dawn has a heart of gold and will do anything she can to make her bride’s experience perfect. She carries a calm and assurance that instantly puts her brides at ease and is so tenderhearted that she will be crying tears of joy with you when you find your dream gown!





Mary is our Sparkle Queen! Her contagious laugh and kind soul will make you feel like you have been friends forever. She loves making the bride feel confident in her dream wedding look. And when the bride does, she will be crying and celebrating alongside her!




Hannah K.


Hannah is here to make sure her brides feel so loved and celebrated. She will immediately become your bestie and talk all things wedding planning with you. She cares deeply about everyone and will be your biggest cheerleader. You will quickly fall in love with her energy and joyful spirit!





Bridesmaid Specialist

Faith will immediately ease any stress you have when it comes to finding the perfect look for your girls. She is an expert when it comes to helping decide the best color and style to make your dream come to life. Faith is so fun and full of joy… you just might want to add her to your bridesmaid party!



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From the moment you walk in the door, our stylists will take you through the whole process. From Pinterest boards and childhood dreams to wedding day realities! With over 500 dresses in stock as well as accessories, bridesmaids, formals, and invitations, we will take your wedding day vision and help you put it into action! You can relax and let us take care of all the details.


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We love our brides, and we are so honored to be recognized as one of the leading bridal boutiques!