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Elegant Bridals is a small, family business established in 2001. For over two decades we have stayed on the cutting edge of bridal fashion, curating the most outstanding bridal collection possible. With certified expertise from our team of bridal stylists, and the most warm and welcoming atmosphere, our boutique has grown into the regional destination for bridal in the Southeast. Come enjoy luxury southern hospitality and make your yes to your dress a cherished moment and memory to add to both our family’s histories!


About the Owners:

Fathy and Jane ElLaissi brought their gifts and talents together to build Elegant Bridals. Jane brought the heart, soul, style, and vision to create this heart felt brand. Her lifelong love a bridal and her eye for design made the boutique what it is today. Jane searched extensively to add the most beautiful, finishing touches to the third and final location, which she designed herself. Fathy brought the business expertise and knowledge. With his administrative mind he has carried Elegant Bridals into the modern era. Together they created their dream business to serve the community and honor God in every aspect. They believe their greatest gift has been their 40 year marriage and wish the same for each of the brides they serve.


Add your bridal journey to the legacy, beauty, and love of the Elegant Bridals family!









Marketing Specialist

Liz is the creative force behind our Elegant Bridals' marketing endeavors. Her keen eye for detail ensures that our brand message is communicated effectively across various platforms, connecting us with our brides. Liz is dedicated to staying ahead of industry trends, constantly innovating our marketing strategies to reach, engage, and serve brides-to-be in meaningful ways.





Social Occasions Specialist

Lauren is our go-to expert when it comes to bridesmaids and social occasions. She understands the importance of curating the perfect look for every member of the bridal party. Lauren has an innate ability to connect with bridesmaids, making them feel comfortable and confident throughout the dress selection process. Her attention to detail and personalized approach ensure that each bridesmaid finds a gown that not only complements the bride's vision but also reflects their individual style and personality.






Keagan is one of our bridal stylists, dedicated to making every bride's dream dress a reality. As a fellow bride-to-be, she possesses an unparalleled expertise in guiding brides through the dress selection process as she approaches each appointment with patience, empathy, and enthusiasm. Her innate sense of style, coupled with her ability to listen attentively to the bride's preferences, allows her to curate a selection of gowns that exceed expectations and create unforgettable bridal moments.




Shop Elegant Bridals & Make Memories!


From the moment you walk in the door, our stylists will take you through the whole process. From Pinterest boards and childhood dreams to wedding day realities! With hundreds of gowns in stock as well as accessories, bridesmaids, and flower girl dresses we will take your wedding day vision and help you put it into action! You can relax and let us take care of all the details.



Elegant Bridals gives back!


Our mission is twofold: to offer brides the bridal experience of their dreams and to extend that joy to those less fortunate. We're proud to collaborate with local charities, organizations, and causes that align with our values. Learn more about how we are involved and how you can make a difference by shopping with us!


As a small family business within the CSRA, Elegant Bridals is a strong presence in our community and local causes. In our 20+ years of business, we have worked with dozens of different charities and supported hundreds of locals in need.

Supporting our local schools and churches and participating in fundraisers, donations, and drives, we love to give back! Some of our favorites that we take part in every year are Golden Harvest Food Bank, Salvation Army, and iCare. Take a look and see our growing list of other charities below!

We thank our brides for choosing Elegant Bridals and allowing us to continue to help others. If you're interested in inquiring about your cause, please contact us with details at info@elegantbridals.com.



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Awards & Press


We love our brides, and we are so honored to be recognized as one of the leading bridal boutiques!